Our Developers and QAs

We Hire The Right Developers For You

Hiring software developers can be a roll of the dice when you are in the same room as the candidates – even more true when hiring from a distance. Poor hiring (or no-hire) decisions are costly in terms of time and money. Get Devs removes innumerable variables to significantly improve your chances of finding the people you want to keep for the long-haul.

While the final hiring and compensation decisions will always be the client’s, its our role to stack the odds in your favor. We generally divide the recruiting process into Technical and an HR based evaluations. We involve the client as much or as little as they would like in these processes. Over the years we have found that the most successful hires have involved very heavy client participation during the screening process.

On the technical side (with heavy client participation) we like to get to know a candidate better through:

  • Code Samples/Reviews
  • Technical Examinations
  • Small project exams
  • Verification of roles on past projects
  • Similar Technical Evaluations for Quality Assurance Engineers available

The HR team leads screening in the following:

  • Skills / Job / Culture match evaluation
  • Written and Spoken English communication skills. You will likely find that nearly all of our Developers and QAs speak and write at a near-native level.
  • Personality and Psychological evaluations (upon request)
  • Reference checks
  • Past employment verification
  • Background checks (upon request)
  • Buy-in from your existing team members already employed with Get Devs