Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation (the Get Devs way):

Staff Augmentation is the practice of using employees hired by Get Devs as your own. You direct their day-to-day tasks, communication & project tools, workflow, and deliverables as you would your own employees. Our employees (or to use the industry term, Staff Augments) become your ‘de-facto’ employees.


Get Devs legally employs the staff and is responsible for recruiting and retention, HR, benefits, and payroll administration. We keep an appropriate office environment, maintain robust IT and communications infrastructure. We’re always in compliance with local laws, and resolve any other issues that may arise.


Long Term Staff Augmentation has employees adopting the corporate culture and common goals of the client. As the client’s staff, our employees completely integrate with the client’s other team members regardless of location. The staff come to feel that they are completely aligned with their client. Get Devs is there to support their needs as employees and facilitate their relationship with their client.


Distributed Development:

With the popularity of online project management tools and code version control systems, distributed software development has exploded in popularity. Distributed development is fast becoming the standard way software gets created.

Here, development work is distributed among team members who can then technically work from anywhere as long as they push code and fix bugs using the tools needed to keep everyone’s code up to date. This includes working from home, working from another city or even another country or continent altogether.

Many top tech companies use distributed development including Automattic (WordPress), Mozilla (Firefox), and Github.