What We Do

We build fully dedicated, cross-functional offshore teams with top software talent in the Philippines who become a permanent part of your core staff. Keep your focus where it matters most — building your software and growing your business. We’ll do the rest.


Virtually Risk-free

Mitigate your startup risks and eliminate your exposure to local and international labor regulations.

Get Devs has been in business for 10 years with a proven track record of being compliant and successfully building teams.

Minimal Lead Time

Most offshore companies take a minimum of six months to properly incorporate. No staff can be hired and office space cannot be secured until the company is fully set-up.

Get Devs recruits and builds teams from day one.

No Startup Costs

Paid-up capital, incorporation expenses, office space, corporate officers, and support staff-hiring.
Offshore operations are complex and expensive.

Get Devs builds software teams with zero Capital Expenditure. Your company only pays Operating Expenses at a fraction of their local costs.

Long Term Value

Many offshore strategies fail to produce long-term results. They create employee turnover, loss of knowledge and skills, and missed deadlines.

Get Devs employees become an integral part of your company and provide long-term value.

Our Role

  • Sourcing, Recruiting & Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Employer of Record
  • HR Management
  • Healthcare and Social Benefits
  • Local Legal Compliance
  • Payroll and Finance
  • Retention and Continued Management
  • Office Space and Management
  • Performance Monitoring

Your Role

  • Make Final Hiring Decisions
  • Manage Day to Day Project Deliverables
  • Manage Product
  • Participate in Employee Reviews
  • Make Budget and Retention Decisions

The Philippines has 7,107 islands.

But you only need 7 reasons to hire here.

  • Cultural Fit is

    The Philippines is the most culturally westernized of ALL software outsourcing destinations. Filipinos are adaptable people, owing to years of close ties with many countries including the US.

  • English is Widely Spoken
    & Spoken Well

    English is one of the Philippines' two national languages. Filipinos rank very high in proficiency on the Global English Index.

  • Very High
    Retention Rates

    Get Devs is proof. We still have several of our first employees. Our average employee stays for 5 years.

  • Flexible

    Time differences can be managed because many of our employees prefer to work a hybrid shift.

  • Higher Education
    is the Norm

    The country graduates more than twice as many college students than Australia. IT, Computer Science, Engineering, and Math are some of the most common degrees earned.

  • Strong
    Work Ethic

    Filipinos take pride in product. They are known to be hard workers and can be counted on to get the job done.

  • Thriving & Growing
    Tech Ecosystem

    The Philippines is the first choice for many global software companies like IBM, HP, Dell, and Accenture. Virtually all software languages and development methodologies are used in the Philippines.

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