We Work!

We Build Software Teams For You

Get Devs builds offshore software teams that are functionally and culturally integrated into your company.

Time, cost, skillset match, and culture fit are often a hiring team’s biggest barriers, but that’s where Get Devs delivers. Our process ensures that we build strong offshore teams that are well-qualified for roles we design together—with you as the final decision-maker in every step. The results? Less time from hire to productivity, a faster ROI for you, and attrition rates far below industry averages in any market.

Hiring software developers can be a roll of the dice — whether in the same room or from a distance. We help remove the barriers in finding the right people so you can get your journey to success started in no time..


We need a good start to find the right fit. We’ll discuss what you need, what your challenges are, and how you like to work. Then we:

  • Collaborate on team composition and create sample profiles
  • Align on job descriptions: roles responsibilities, working hours
  • Develop for sourcing and hiring strategies

Sourcing Qualified Candidates

The hunt begins. We go wherever the top talent in the Philippines goes to find work. Some of our strategies include:

  • Tapping existing employees for qualified referrals
  • Maintaining and nurturing a pipeline of passive applicants
  • Engaging in targeted searches through LinkedIn and other networks
  • Advertising openings on relevant local and regional job boards
  • Using social media to market open positions
  • Subscribing to search tools for access to search job boards candidate database


Our role is to stack the odds in your favor. Ultimately, you pick the talent who will join your team, but we make the choice more efficient and effective. When we shortlist applicants, we focus on people who not only meet your expectations but exceed them from both technical and soft-skill standpoints.

We keep you in the loop, especially as we evaluate candidates based on:

  • Code samples and reviews
  • Technical examinations
  • Small project exams
  • Verification of roles on past projects

* Similar technical evaluations for Quality Assurance Engineers are available.

We lead and align on screening:

  • Skills, job, and culture match evaluation
  • Written and spoken English communication skills — You will find that nearly all of our Developers and QAs speak and write at a near-native level.
  • Personality and psychological evaluations (upon request)
  • Background investigation (past employment and reference checks)
  • Buy-in from your existing team members already employed with Get Devs


Now that we’ve found the right employees it’s time to get them off to a good start. Get Devs stays on top of onboarding new employees into our own processes and tools, and most importantly into yours.

In preparation for deployment, we help them in:

  • Reading and accepting the Get Devs handbook (and your handbook, if you choose)
  • Benefits and healthcare enrollment
  • New equipment and toolkits issuance
  • Continuous monitoring of employee performance at the outset
  • Indoctrinating into your company’s culture, norms, and processes

Continued Management

Our work carries on beyond the employees’ first day in. We will be your partner for the long haul by continuously balancing both your and our employees’ satisfaction and growth. Focus on what matters—assigning work and monitoring deliverables —- and we’ll take care of the rest.

Get Devs manages HR, benefits, facilities, IT infrastructure, and:

  • General employee welfare and happiness
  • Counseling and remediation plans for any employees with gaps between expected and actual performance
  • Professional development plan for each team member
  • Implementation of a long-term retention strategy
  • Annual budget reassessment and recommendations for salary adjustments