Where is Get Devs located? What time does Get Devs work in?

Get Devs has its corporate office in the United States.

Our talented employees are located in Manila, Philippines.

Our clients find it easy to work with Filipinos.  Here’s why:

  • Outstanding written and spoken English
  • Well educated population
  • Service oriented culture
  • Dedicated and loyal (we have very high retention rates, over 90%)
  • Over 100,000 very highly trained Developers and QA Engineers to choose from

As far as time zones are concerned, our employees will work in the time zone you choose. We establish this criterion at the time of recruiting.

What types of software developers are hired by Get Devs?

What type of Developer do you need?  Get Devs has hired virtually every type of developer for a wide variety of projects in almost every industry.

Who makes the hiring decisions?

Get Devs recruits well qualified candidates, you interview top candidates and make the decision on who we hire for your team.


Do you have developers on the bench waiting for clients?

No. Having qualified developers sit on the bench waiting for a project is not how we conduct business because it would mean what we have to offer you is a software or website developer that is not exactly what you are looking for – and we pride ourselves in doing just that. We want to hire IT professionals that are a perfect fit for your company and development needs.

How long does it take to hire an IT professional?

A good rule of thumb is 5-6 weeks for the average job description, which includes web developers, software developers, QA testers and QA engineers among others. In the Philippines the standard employment agreement requires someone to give their employer 30-days notice when resigning. This leaves us 1-2 weeks to recruit and hire and 4 weeks of waiting time. During this time, Get[Devs] gets the facility ready for your team to hit the ground running.

For more demanding job descriptions and management level hires it is wise to budget an additional 1-2 weeks. We have worked faster in the past and are always happy to accept the challenge of an immediate hire.

Will staff augmentation save money?

Yes, you will save money by using Get Devs to hire the software professionals you need.

Can I get a developer to work on site?

On a full time basis, our developers work from our class-A facilities in Manila, Philippines. On occasion we have had clients bring developers to their site for visits, training, and meetings.

How much does it cost?

Compensation costs are passed on directly to the client along with a fixed monthly fee.  This fee covers office space, equipment, supervision, and professional development.  In many cases staff augmentation thru Get Devs costs 50% less than directly hiring employees.



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