Building an offshore software team is overwhelming. The work goes beyond finding a few qualified people who code. You also need a strong support team and structure, local legal compliance, benefits administration, experienced HR and technical recruiters, payroll, and finance.

Get Devs does all that and more, so you can keep your focus on the deliverables.

We employ highly qualified engineers for you. Think of it as de-facto employment. You get the benefit of direct technical management and supervision of the work, but none of the risks or international labor law compliance.

What is the standard term for each employee?

Standard contracts are for one year. This helps balance risks and obligations among all parties and promotes retention. If you need a trial period, we have contract structures to address that.

How do you manage any performance shortfalls?

If you identify any performance issues, we go through a standard remediation process. If the issues are not resolved to your satisfaction, we rehire.

Are resources dedicated to my company?

Yes. We do not share resources across accounts and we do not build our own software. The employees we hire on your behalf have no conflicts of interest.

Where is Get Devs based?

Get Devs is a US corporation. All clients contract with our US company. This further reduces compliance issues for many of our clients. All of our technical staff are in Manila, Philippines.

How long does it take to hire a developer?

About 30% of our hires are ready to start immediately, but a good rule of thumb is 5-6 weeks for the average job description. Give us a week or two to recruit and four weeks* for the employee to get ready.

*In the Philippines, the standard employment agreement requires someone to give their employer a 30-day notice when resigning.

Who is going to service the relationship between my company and Get Devs?

A dedicated account manager will be assigned to care for your and your team’s needs, and you will also work with our HR and recruiting teams. With projects and deliverables, you will have an open line with the staff we provide. Think of them as any working member of your team.

Where are the employees located? What time zone will employees work in?

Our facilities are located in Manila, Philippines. If you have never worked with Filipinos before, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Here’s why:

  • Outstanding written and spoken English

  • Well-educated population

  • Service-oriented culture

  • Dedicated and loyal; we have very high retention rates, and our pioneering lineup proves it
  • A ripe community of highly-trained Developers and QA Engineers (currently as many as 500,000 professionals ready for deployment)

As far as time zones are concerned, our employees will work in the time zone you choose. We establish this at the time of recruiting.

Who makes the hiring and compensation decisions?

These decisions are ultimately left up to you. You can count on our recruiters, HR staff, and management team to give advice when necessary.

What kind of software developers are usually hired through Get Devs?

The Philippines has a large and growing tech ecosystem. We can hire developers experienced in virtually any tech stack. We also hire QA, PM, DevOps, Designers, and other team members.

Will I save money hiring through Get Devs?

On average, our all-in monthly rates are a third of the fully-loaded employment costs for hiring the same skill sets in the US market.

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