We build long term relationships between clients and employees. We amplify your growth, we are committed to your success, and we are here for the long haul.

We make lives and businesses better together. Get Better — Get Devs.

Our partnerships create:


Our Story

Get Devs was founded by Charles Palmer in 2011 to give global software companies access to the best software developers in the Philippines.

While previously building software companies, he recognized a lack of options to sustainably and legally employ and retain offshore software teams. He built Get Devs with these objectives:

  • Build offshore teams minus the time, expense, and typical risks involved.
  • Ensure the teams completely assimilate into the clients’ corporate culture and processes.
  • Have high-quality office spaces for teams to meet, work, and grow.
  • Ensure that team members are legally employed with social and healthcare benefits.
  • Create a reliable support structure (HR, Recruiting, Operations) engaged in team growth, issues, and retention.
  • Eliminate conflicts of interest associated with companies that do not exclusively build software teams. Other companies who build products (internal and external) may promise fully dedicated teams, but in reality substitute and share resources.

Get Devs remains strong in our singular mission to build and manage successful offshore teams. We do not share staff across clients, we are not project-based, and we do not develop our own products.

We keep you happy — nice and simple.

Skills gap?
Project delays?
High turnover?
Tight budget?
Challenged with local hiring?
Need Additional Support?

What We Do For You?

We recruit.

We source, screen, and hire from a wide network of developers, QA, project managers, business & requirements analysts, digital marketers, and SEO experts.

We organize.

Holidays, infrastructure, HR, IT, payroll, compliance—all very important but are still chores in the context of your day-to-day operations. Leave them to us. We love the work.

We empower.

We stay involved and on the same page with you. We empower your team so they can keep exceeding your expectations.

We lead proactively.

We’re transparent about what we see—the good, the bad, all of it—so we can help you reward success and formulate remediation while you focus on deliverables.

The Values We Live and Work By

Be Of Service

We’re at your service. It’s essentially our love language – providing fast, reliable and quality service to our clients and peers.

Be Impeccable

We’re big on over delivering our promises and we take your trust very seriously. That is why we’re keen on making sure that we’re consistent and everything we do is done in transparency.

Be Committed

We’re strong, united, and loyal. Our best practices lead to a more supportive environment and a productive day to day experience.

Be Focused On Growth

We’re mindful in creating continuous improvement programs for our team which results in your overall satisfaction. We think win-win.

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